Autoextremist on the Detroit Auto Show

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According to Los Jalops who were actually allowed into the GM Style event, Sweet Peet D. was in the house. A couple of us can't personally verify that fact, as we were eating with Audi. We get the feeling that they saw two guys in jeans and Dickies/Red Kap gas station attendant jackets and thought, "That's not GM Style." Whatever. Hanging out with Europeans is generally more entertaining anyway, and they seem to enjoy our proletarian show-wear.


The other Jalops pretty much agree that we won out as far as a good time goes. But Peet? He like-a the GM Style. He also gave GM props for out-greening Toyota with the Volt concept, castigated Chrysler, thought Ford had its act together and accused Toyota of having a split personality. Oh, and he weighed in on the embargo fiasco. He also called the Changfeng intro the second most important event at the show, after the Volt reveal. What he didn't mention was its absolute comedic brilliance. If anything, the Detroit show taught us this year that self-importance and cluelessness know no boundaries, and it's most apparent in the behavior of the Big 2.5 and the Chinese. The difference? Communists who decide to hop into a market-based economy don't need no stinkin' unions. Or OSHA. Advantage? China.


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He's got to be back on GM's bankroll. I don't think he was ever off it. At least he wasn't totally bad mouthing Toyota like he usually does. He's oddly natural about Honda, but I suppose that's because they aren't knocking GM over the way Toyota is.

It's pretty funny and totally hypocritical how he lambastes Toyota for introducing a new truck, when GM did the same thing, and won an award for it, but still praises GM for the Volt, which is merely a concept, and about a decade late to the hybrid race, even though GM isn't really touting it as one. I thought he HATED everything hybrid related? What happened to the research he and his little cronies posted about the flailing hybrid market?

GM must have paid him to yank that when the Volt was coming up I'd image.