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Audi's PR machine is a funny thing. Without a massive marketing budget compared to other big-name automakers, the company has resorted to going chichi viral; throwing indulgent soirees for journos and tastemakers, as well as trying the tack they've taken in the UK — having celebrities seen in Audis. A cornerstone of that program in Southern California is Celeste Atkinson, a woman who certainly knows how to work a room. As a well-known autojourno once said to us, "Ah yes. Celeste. She has certain powers that few mortals can comprehend."


In the runup to the Oscars, Atkinson's got Affleck in an S8 and Frank Gehry an a 12-pot A8. At a recent party, Penelope Cruz, Cindy Crawford, Mischa Barton, Brooke Shields and Christina Ricci all arrived in chauffeured Audis. All we know is that if Celeste invites you to eat food, you go and you partake. If Audi execs keep coming up with awesome catchphrases like "ALUMINUM UND SHTEEL!" and "Car for our vives," they might just break out of the .5% marketshare the company's held for the last five years.

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