Audi Will Have a Tesla Model 3 Rival in 2023: Report

The Audi E-tron GT concept
The Audi E-tron GT concept
Photo: Audi

The future seems bright for Audi as the company appears to have an entire portfolio of electric vehicles planned for launch over the next few years. And they aren’t all just SUVs, either. There’s also apparently a Tesla Model 3 competitor in the works, too.


After Audi launched its E-Tron SUV and the E-Tron GT concept last year (which looks basically production-ready), the company also has a smaller sport sedan in the works. Speaking to Autocar, Audi’s head of design Marc Lichte told the publication,

“There will be [electric] SUVs and low-floor sporty cars such as the E-tron GT, which is our ‘halo’ car. There will be an E-tron GT in the [A4- sized] segment as well. We’re working on this right now.”


Autocar estimates that this new EV will be launched in 2023.

Which means that this A4-sized E-Tron GT, whatever it’ll be called, will most likely have the Model 3 in its crosshairs. Audi didn’t say it outright, but that’s the only other EV currently in the segment.

We already know that the E-Tron GT will be built on the Porsche Taycan’s platform. Lichte confirmed the Autocar that the A4-sized car will also share that PPE architecture.

Of course, being part of the Volkswagen empire means that Audi has access to all kinds of different EV architecture. There’s the PPE, Volkswagen’s MEB and Audi’s adapted but old MLB platform. It could create all sizes of cars with those.


The Model 3 might have blazed the way, but sooner or later, there will be competition to follow.

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Give Me Tacos or Give Me Death

I can’t help but wonder if they’ll be too late to the party? Everyone who *really* wants a Model-3-sized EV will probably already have one by then. Will they trade in early for one of these? Will these coax enough people to switch to EVs?  Perhaps the EV market will grow as more non-Tesla options become available.