As we continue to wait for the Audi TT-RS to debut, details and shots of the ÜberAudi roadster continue to appear, including these clear images of the Audi TT-RS captured by the KGP photographers. It has all the markings of an RS Audi, including the large front intakes and dual oval exhausts. As for motivation, there's probably something larger than the turbo 2.0-liter four found in theTT-S underneath the bonnet — possibly the new 3.0-liter TFSI V6 or the Passat R36 3.6-liter V6? Either way, we can now say for sure there will be an open-top version. Speculation and spy report below the jump.

Spy Report Audi's hottest-ever TT — the upcoming TT-RS — will also be offered as a drop-top, and we just caught the cleanest prototype yet running on public roads near the Nürburgring. The TT-RS' gaping front intakes, upgraded wheel, tire, and brake package, and unique dual-oval exhaust tips separate the RS from lesser TTs. The TT-RS was originally pegged to have a turbocharged, VW-sourced 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine, but new speculation suggests that Audi's new 3.0-liter TFSI V6 may get the nod instead. Either way, the TT-RS should easily exceed 300 horsepower, for a sports car experience that can finally live up to the TT's looks.