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Not surprisingly, a slew of pics of the Audi RS5 übercoupe have leaked. No embargo's strong enough to hold back this brutish, 450 HP Euro barnstormer from the interwebs. Do similar easy-to-shed shackles keep it from coming stateside? Maybe.


These photos, taken from a leaked marketing brochure, come via Autogespot,, Fourtitude and every other Audi fan forum. The brochure claim the Audi RS5 will pump out the aforementioned 450 HP at 8250 RPM from a heavily massaged V8. That's a bump of nearly 100 HP over the already powerful Audi S5.

And lest you confuse it with its weaker sibling, the Audi RS5 gets the full RS visual treatment with the larger stacked three-level inlets up front and characteristic twin pipes out back. Oh, and did we mention the RS5 is even more R8-like with an extend-and-retract spoiler out back?

The big question in our minds is still whether we'll see the RS5 stateside. Back in May of last year, the height of the Carpocalypse, MotorTrend was claiming their Audi sources were confident it was coming. We'll be crossing our fingers but we've heard nothing to indicate that. Still, we can all dream, can't we? Better yet — why don't you tell us in the comments if you'd buy one. I can guarantee Audi's listening.

At the very least we'll know more about this Bavarian brawny boy when it joins a host of other Audis at the Geneva Motor Show. For the moment you'll have to make due with these shots and details.

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