Audi RS Models Will Be Electrified, But Four-Cylinder Engines Won’t Be a Part of That, Report Says

This is a shot at Mercedes, which announced its hybrid four-cylinder C63 recently to much rending of enthusiast garments and gnashing of fanboy teeth.

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Audi won’t be making four-cylinder engines a part of its future RS models.
Audi won’t be making four-cylinder engines a part of its future RS models.
Photo: Audi

You all lost your damned minds when Mercedes-AMG announced its next-generation C63 with its 680-horsepower hybrid drivetrain that pairs a four-cylinder turbocharged engine with some electric motors. After all, a four-cylinder engine in something with a 63 badge on it is heresy, right? Well, don’t worry, friends. Audi promises it won’t do you dirty like that with its future electrified RS products.

According to a report published Wednesday by CNET, the company believes that while electrification of its future Audi Sport products will happen, it won’t be downsizing the engines to four cylinders. So, if you, for some reason, love the Bluebird-bus-ass-sounding turbo V6 in current Audi products, then you’ve got lots to look forward to.

“Of course, we will also electrify our cars,” said Constantin Dressler, head of product marketing at Audi Sport, in a statement to CNET. “But we won’t do four-cylinder.”


The 2.9-liter turbo V6 in the recently debuted RS 5 Competition makes 444 hp and 443 pound-feet of torque, which, while perfectly reasonable, won’t light anyone’s hair on fire in this current era of stupidly huge power figures.

If you want to know more about the RS 5 Competition, then keep your peepers peeled for a First Drive review from our very own Steve DaSilva in the very near future.