Audi R8 Spotted In Berkeley

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We're spotting the Audi R8 all around the byways of this great nation as it performs all sorts of mysterious tasks. OK, more than likely it's just making the rounds with auto journalists who'll be beating it to a living pulp and tearing it to pieces as they put it through its paces. Case in point would be these shots coming to us from commenter and tipster hxgaser:

"Stars aligned right this morning for me, I have to say. Out of all places, in Beserkeley, CA, I sight an 4.2L FSI V8. Literally, sight... Yeah you heard it right, an R8. and you know what I got to sit in it as well. Turns out that a San Francisco Chronicle car reviewer guy, whose name I forget, was reviewing the fine piece of pre-release V8 arse. He was kind enough for me take some photos as well as sit in the car. Well my camera phone doesn't do justice, but I send you some picture anyways... Enjoy"


We're still waiting for one to be dropped off in our driveway. Ahem - ahem, Audi?

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