Every little bit helps when it comes to dropping the pounds, and it's even more important with unsprung weight. So Audi is nixing ye ol' steel springs for fiberglass on an "upper mid-size model" later this year. Our money's on the new A7. It's the obvious choice.

The new springs are made of glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP), and come in at 3.5 pounds a piece – 2.5 pounds lighter than their steel counterparts. Less weight at each corner means better handling, and Audi claims the glass fiber and resin-impregnated springs transmit less vibration, don't corrode, aren't affected by cleaning chemicals, and should hold up just as long – if not longer – than traditional springs. They're similar to what Ford showed off on its lightweight Fusion concept last month, but Audi will actually bring them to market.