There's A New Audi A7 And It's Gorgeous Like The Old Audi A7

The Audi A7 is one of the finest looking automotive transportation devices (commonly called "cars") on the road today. And now there' a new one. It has new headlights, a new rear-end, and is still all sorts of purty.


Calling this a "new A7" is almost unfair. This is the old A7, just with a nip and a tuck and some more power under that glorious hood. Europe is getting a slew of diesel options, including a 3.0 V6 in the TDI Ultra model that gets 60.1 MPG and is front wheel drive only. That's what gets that supreme mileage.

The S7 gets a slight power bump and more aggressive look as well. This is your standard mid-cycle refresh, and thankfully Audi didn't ruin their best looking car with too many little add ons and other bibs and bobs. Lighting is now fully LED and there is also new MMI and infotainment software inside.


Look for us to get the new A7 this fall early next year (according to a man who really knows). And good luck not mistaking it for the old A7.

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