Audi Dealership Won't Help Customer Robbed On Lot

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Jason Lee left his new Audi at a suburban Chicago dealership for service last weekend expecting to get his car fixed. Instead, his wheels were stolen. The dealership security cameras? Mysteriously not working. Now the dealership won't help. Update!

Update: Because of this article and the response from forums, Schaumberg Audi reached out to Lee and settled the issue amicably.


Jason Lee of Palatine, Illinois left his 2010 Audi A4 2.0T for its 5000-mile service last Saturday morning at Schamburg Audi and took out a loaner for the day. It wasn't until 4:57 PM — three minutes before the dealership closed — that he got a call from the receptionist saying his car was ready. Unable to make it there so quickly, he was forced to leave the car there until Monday, when the shop reopened.

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At some point over the weekend, Lee's aftermarket RS4-style wheels were stolen from his car, which was parked in the back of the dealership's lot, near its service center. The thieves raised the car on two jacks, causing damage to the front bumper and rocker panels on both sides.

Instead of an apologetic phone call, Lee claims he received a curt response from the dealership's service rep.


"He told me, flat out, that I couldn't pick up the car, and that I needed to talk to my insurance agent because my wheels were stolen," Lee said. "I didn't get an apology."

Lee called his insurance agent, and he filed a report with the Schaumburg Police Department. He was told to pay his $500 insurance deductible. When he asked if the dealership would share a copy of the surveillance video showing his car being ripped off, he was told the camera wasn't working.


"I don't want to accuse the dealer of anything. According to them, the camera was working fine until that weekend, so they don't have any footage of what went on. They're unable to explain why it stopped working." says Lee.

There were many other cars parked on the lot, but only Lee's car was targeted. According to the police report, the lot was gated but still accessible.


Given the circumstances around the incident, Lee asked the dealership to pay his deductible. He claims they refused, and when he threatened to get a lawyer, they promptly told him to return the loaner car and move the wheeless vehicle off the lot or face action.

The incident isn't covered by the dealership's insurance. In the past, Audi dealerships have refused to help their customers in similar situations.


Short on options, Lee says he's going to have the car towed by his insurance company, and he plans to install winter tires and wheels until he can get the original wheels replaced. He's also informed members of the Audizine forum, in hopes that the dealership will be exposed for what he feels is poor customer treatment.

When we contacted Schaumburg Audi service manager Andy Emberton to confirm this report, he refused to comment and hung up the phone. Other calls to the dealership were not returned.


Update: Audi responded in the comments below that they're investigating the incident and hope to resolve it soon.

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If the car was parked at the mall would the mall have to pay for wheels? If the car was parked on the city street would you call the city and ask them to pay? Why should the dealership have to pay? People used to leave things in their cars all the time when they brought them into my service department at a Ford dealer I used to run. Their things would get stolen even after they signed a release stating that they knew we weren't responsible, and after walking past a GIANT blue sign that was next to the entrance and exit of every area of the service department stating that we're not responsible and get pissed at me or my shop when we wouldn't pay for their things or wheels or whatever was stolen.