Audi "Chase" Super Bowl Commercial Hits Internet Early

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Audi's new Super Bowl commercial starring Jason Statham and called "The Chase" has leaked onto the Internet. This appears to be the 30-second cut of the commercial, with possibly a longer version out there.

From what we can see from the video, and previews we've seen, the spot shows Jason Statham running away from someone through the 70s, 80s and 90s until arriving in the Audi in the present. It's basically saying "Yeah, these other German guys were cool once, but we're what's happening now." The longer spot will probably flesh out the story so we'll withhold the full "Super Bowl Ad Watch" judgment until it runs or we get a full spot. In the meantime, the video is below:

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Der Sportwagoner

I've never understood the motorcycle-chases-car action concept. Who would be threatened by a bike when you're in a car? Instead of trying to outrun it, why not just stop suddenly and watch the motorcycle bad guy go flying over hood onto the road in front of you?

I realize I'm taking this dumb ad too seriously, but...seriously.

Why didn't they just have the current Audi beating the current M-B and BMW in the chase?