At $9,500, Is This 200,000-Mile 2007 BMW M6 A Short Term Investment?

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Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

If you consider that all tangible things have finite lifespans then the mileage on today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe M6 might just give you pause. Let’s see if its price accounts for those miles allowing you to press play.

Bear Grylls is a former member of the UK Special Forces best known for two things—his extreme survival TV show, and having drunk his own tepid wee on said show. I don’t know if I’m up to doing that, but I will say that yesterday’s 2010 Toyota Tundra SR5 extreme camper did seem to hold a certain outdoorsy appeal that Bear might appreciate.


Unfortunately for the seller, that flip-top camper Tundra’s $26,000 price held about as much appeal as a frothy tumbler full of amber effluence. In the end, it couldn’t survive the vote, and fell in a decisive 78 percent Crack Pipe loss.

I have mentioned before about my affection for David Cronenberg’s film, The Fly. There’s a scene early in the flick, just after Jeff Goldblum’s Seth has become fly guy, where he and Geena Davis engage in a marathon ugly-bumping session. In the end, she begs off, fatigued, and asks him how he can want to go on, questioning whether he has any fluid left in his body. It’s an interrogative that’s both adroit and kinda gross, and raises the challenge of whether there is a finite life to all things.

That naturally leads us to today’s 2007 BMW M6 which as you no doubt have already guessed, has gone a shit-ton of miles and hence may be seen as predominantly used up.


Of course, miles are not the ultimate determiner of wear and ultimate vitality as not all those miles are created equal. In fact, while this big Bimmer’s odo does read 201,000, the rest of the car appears to exhibit little sign of that grandiose accomplishment.


The epaint looks to be Black Sapphire Metallic and carries a carbon-fiber roof panel to shave a bit off the rollie pollie coupe’s substantial 3,770-pound weight. Both the paint and the roof panel look to be in extremely decent condition. There’s no peppering on the nose nor evidence of any curb rash on the factory alloys.

It should be noted that other weight-saving measures on the E63 M6 are aluminum skins for the doors and the hood so those are at greater risk, respectively, for parking lot dings and Tawny Kitaen dance moves. In the ad photos at least, this long-running M shows no sign of either.


Popping open one of the long coupé doors reveals an interior that has likewise almost implacably gone the distance. The miles and years are a little more evident here, with a busted air vent and skuzzy steering wheel as most obvious, and odious, evidence.


The car’s age is also belied by what is likely the world’s most egregiously tacked-on cup holder ever designed. Mounted to the side of the wide center console and a good reach away from the driver’s perch, it’s almost as if BMW’s designers were shaming you for wanting a beverage in “their” car. Aside from that, everything seems to be in serviceable shape, with good leather and carbon fiber trim that’s all intact.


The seller claims the mechanicals to be in good shape as well. The ad says the car has been “VERY WELL MAINTAINED” and boasts of oil changes every 1,200 miles. That latter seems like a bit of overkill in my book. There’s some sort of custom exhaust exiting the 500 horse V10 and the seller claims no issue with either that S85 mill or with its seven-speed SMG III partner.

After over 200K you’d think there’d be something amiss here, and yet the car seems to present as both much younger and less traveled. Hell, even the seller remarks on it, saying “YES IT REAL DOES HAVE 200K MILES RUNS LIKE IT HAS 20K MILES.”


Okay, so lots of miles, but also lots of car to be had here. The E63 M6 is not the model line’s most beautiful member, nor with it’s V10 does it represent BMW’s highest cylinder count. These are however, brutally quick cars for their weight class, and pretty classy cars even in light of such brutality. Those factors, plus the intoxicating staccato sound of that lovely V10’s exhaust has kept their prices pretty high for old BMWs.


The miles on this one seem to be countering that. With the high miles, the asking is $9,500 and that includes a clean title. That’s about 50 percent below what a similar condition but lower mileage car may command, and that leads to the question of whether this car is a good deal.

What do you think, is this high-miler M6 worth that $9,500 asking? Or, is that price, just like those miles, just too ridiculously high?


You decide!


Sacramento, CA Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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