At $8,750, Is This 1995 GMC Yukon SLT The Four-By-Four For You?

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Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

The Yukon Gold potato is neither from the Yukon nor actually gold. It is a fitting reference however for today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe GMC, however, since it is both. Let’s see if the price on this old-school two-door 4X4 comes across as fully or only half baked.

Picking the right name for a business is crucial to its success. Sometimes, however, what was once a bold and emotive naming choice gets hornswoggled by external forces. That’s what happened in the 1980s to a Los Angeles-based ambulance company which was forced to change its long-serving A.i.d.s. Ambulance Company name due to the burgeoning HIV epidemic. It’s also what happened to Sir William Lyons’ SS Cars Ltd following WWII partially owing to the negative association the name had to the former Nazi paramilitary group.


Whatever you might want to call it, yesterday’s 2006 Jaguar XKR Victory Edition was seen as a value at its $12,500 asking. That was the consensus of the 57 percent of you who gave the car a Nice Price win.

Hey, have you been following all the great new debuts at the Tokyo Motor Show this week? What’s that you say, those new cars and crossovers and weird-ass Toyota Brooms aren’t your thing? Well, maybe you might like something that’s not just an odd bodkin by today’s standards, but could help you get away from any and all news while you’re at it.


I mean, of course, this 1995 GMC Yukon SLT, a two-door V8-powered 4X4 that’s seemingly not only in pretty nice shape but which also has few contemporary analogues.


The Yukon and its near-twin, the Chevy K5 Blazer were introduced for the 1992 model year and continued on through ’94 exclusively as a 111-inch wheelbase two-door. In 95, a longer wheelbase four-door was added, and while arguably handsome and more convenient, it lacked the Two-door’s panache.


This 1995 Yukon is an upper-scale SLT and features a 200 horsepower 5.7-litre V8 engine driving its two axles through a four-speed automatic and hi/lo transfer case. The truck comes literally in gold making potato jokes almost mandatory, and that is paired with a beige cloth interior that for the most part seems to have stood the test of time.

I say for the most part since there are some minor issues here. Those include some odd discoloration on the glove box door and a missing trim panel in the load area. Other than that you just have to deal with the fact that ‘90s GM interiors weren’t all that good.


The exterior is in equally decent shape, with just a couple of minor dings evident in the pics. The truck rides on aftermarket phone dial wheels. Those have been painted black and are wrapped in aggressively treaded Cooper tires. The nose has been updated with a black bumper and bull bar and into which has been added an electric winch. It’s all pretty tidy and seemingly ready to rock.


The LO5 V8 looks a bit diminutive in the Yukon’s ample engine bay, but here is set off by an Edelbrock air cleaner. That seems to be the only mod that’s been made up top. Down below there’s a replacement Flowmaster muffler keeping things quiet.

The dealer selling the Yukon has done a nice job cleaning it up and claims the 148K truck to have no issues at all. They have put it up on both Craigslist and eBay offering a few more shots of the truck on the latter. The title is clean and the price is $8,750.


That price is a bit of an enigma since a four-door Yukon of this era will generally go for a good bit less. That’s likely owed to the fact that they still build four-door Yukons even to this day, while the two-doors died with this generation in 1999. That makes these much rarer, and I’d say they are also better looking. That may be what’s keeping the market for the two-doors alive.


You’ll need to see how lively that price tag is for this particular two-door. What do you think, is this Yukon worth that $8,750 asking? Or, does that price make this GMC too hot a potato to hold?

You decide!


Phoenix Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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