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Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

The seller of today’s somewhat Frankencar Nice Price or Crack Pipe VW Caddy says it was a dad and son project. Let’s see if the result, and its price, has you wanting to be its new sire.

Depreciation is a hell of a drug. Buy a car on that downward slope and you’ll eventually end up in the valley of despair. There you’ll realize how much money you’ve lost just by watching the clock tick tock. We saw that first hand yesterday with a 2017 Fiat 124 Spider. That car was just one model year old (that’s like three and a half years to your dog) and yet had lost a full third of its original value.


Just like the chants at backyard party limbo games or our current political climate, we all asked of that Fiat ‘how low can you go?’ We simultaneously averred that few of us would in fact be personally willing to find out. In the end that Fiat racked up a 58-percent Crack Pipe loss for its $19,650 asking.

Hey, did you like all the cool dad-related stories we had in honor of Father’s Day last Sunday? A shared love of cars and the joy found in the turning of a wrench were common ways many of us bonded with a paternal figure. Even though my dad is long gone, I still have fond memories of sitting on the fender of one of our old cars, handing my dad requested tools and soaking up our time together. Those are quality memories.

Today you can go onto YouTube and learn about how to fix a car from somebody else’s dad. Contrastingly, when I was a kid you had to read about stuff in books—assembly is the reverse of disassembly—or you learned at the side of someone who had been down that road before. I think that sentiment is why the ad for this 1983 VW Caddy is so intriguing.


The seller says that he and his dad bought it as a father and son project, getting it up and running to the point where it has served as the daily D for the junior member of the team. Along the way they have apparently amassed an impressive collection of extra parts and probably a better understanding of the dynamics of their familial relationship.


The car itself looks to be solid with the exception of a tail light end cap on the bed. The seller notes that he has the replacement hand and I’ll be perfectly honest with you in expressing my surprise that these parts are made out of fiberglass. I did not know that. The rest of the gold paint looks serviceable, covering a body that seems straight and rust-free. The tailgate is grungy and from a different car, but that’s not a big deal.


It’s under the hood however where lies the car’s secret weapon—a 16V EA827. These cars originally came with either a 1.7-litre gas four that put out 75 horsepower on a good day, or optionally a 1.5-litre diesel that offered up less in the equine department, but gave back more in terms of torque.


The 2.0 16V gives it up to the tune of about 135 horses, or almost twice what was originally intended for the little car. That, along with the car’s five-speed stick should make it pretty fun.

The ad notes that the axles have been refreshed on either side of that, along with the alternator, clutch master (I thought these were cable?), and the car has been upgraded to discs at each and every corner.


It’s claimed to run, drive and stop, which is all we can ask for, right?

Inside things are a bit rough. The headliner and carpet are both absent, however the seller notes that a new carpet kit is included in the sale. Also included it seems is the old dash, a set of door cards that look like they came with the new dash, lots of glass, consoles and instrument clusters, and another set of wheels and tires. In fact, the reason the ad gives for the sale is a lack of room for the burgeoning parts collection and the need for a bigger truck for work.


The whole package, car, parts, and the satisfaction of a history of father/son bonding, all together come with a price tag of $4,500. You now need to decide if that’s deal.


What do you think, is this cool Caddy worth that kind of cash? Or, for that much, do you not see any bonding going on here at all?

You decide!


Seattle, WA Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to RevUnlimiter for the hookup!

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