Illustration for article titled Aston Martin DB5 Shooting Brake: The Gentlemans Wagon

The name’s Brown. David Brown. So my company built this car and I can’t fit my dogs and my guns in there? That’s just preposterous! Make me an Aston Martin DB5 shooting brake.


What happens when your company builds a fabulous grand tourer but the dogs and the guns won’t fit? Why, you commission a shooting brake. That’s what former Aston Maritn owner David Brown did, and the couchbuilders at Tickford did not have an easy job, because the DB5’s superleggera construction does not take kindly to chopping away.


Chopping and hacking complete, Mr. Brown was presented with his shooting brake, its structural integrity slightly impaired by the tailgate and all the excised superleggera tubes but offering plenty of space for both dog and gun. A further 12 were built for customers over the years by another coachbuilder, Harold Radford.

Only one question remains: What’s cooler, this or the Maserati Quattroporte Bellagio?

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