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As The World Goes To Shit Take Solace In Knowing The Next VW Jetta Will Come With A Manual Transmission

Photo credit: Appearance
Photo credit: Appearance

Following concerns about the manual on the Volkswagen Jetta GLI getting dropped for the 2018 model year, company executives have reached out to reassure us all that the shifty-stick will be returning on the updated Jetta for the 2019 model year. Every day we inch closer to a nuclear war that will wipe out the vast majority of life on this planet.


When I look at a Jetta, I’m not really looking at it. I’m probably taking a short break from my Twitter feed, trying to swallow a fresh swell of apocalyptic anxiety and just happen to have the front of my head pointed in that general direction, imagining the playground scene from Terminator 2: Judgement Day.


But if I had to pick between a world suffering from severe weather not seen since the times of biblical chaos with or without more manual transmissions, I would probably pick the nightmarish scenario that still lets me option a stick.

And that’s good news, because VW bosses have confirmed to Motor Authority that the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta will launch with a manual transmission. What’s better is that it will likely return to the updated GLI trim eventually, too. Also exciting, amid reports that the Yellowstone volcano is exponentially more dangerous than previously believed, is that the new Jetta should be getting an R-Line trim as well.

We’ll get to see the return of the manual Jetta, which is moving to the company’s new MQB platform, at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, if we make it that long.

Reviews Editor, Jalopnik

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I’m going to post something I literally never thought I’d write, but here it goes: If I was going to buy a four door, mid-priced sedan, I think I’d buy a new Accord. 250 hp turbo four, 6 speed sounds pretty tempting.