And the Real Winner Is...

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When a LeMons team races a '61 Cadillac, then runs a '63 Ford Thunderbird at, drops a BMW V12 into the car and races it, then stuffs a BMW turbodiesel in it and races that... well, IOE glory will come!

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The problem for Team Police Brutality at the T-Bird's first two races was the small number of laps it managed to turn; at the Capitol Offense 24 Hours of LeMons, the '58 Wartburg grabbed the coveted Index of Effluency (the top LeMons award, given to the team that accomplishes the greatest feats with the most improbable vehicle); at the Detroit Irony race, the VW Quantum Syncro simply ran off with the IOE.

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This time, the Thunderbird used that potent German oil-burner to haul its vast bulk to victory, racking up lap after quicker-than-expected lap. Congratulations, Team Police Brutality— Beating Up On Breast Cancer!

After the crowds went home, the Police Brutality crew handed the Thunderbird over to selected members of the LeMons HQ staff for very enjoyable parking-lot hoonage session. Here's what all that turbodiesel torque can do to a pair of much-abused "whitewall" tires.

After that, team captain Speedycop— who really is a police officer— demonstrated his J-turn skills with the Thunderbird.

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Wait wait the engine not only survived the race....but the post-race hoonage session too?

Too easy and boring, they need to do another engine swap.