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A pursuit in Houston ended unexpectedly when a teenager decided to use his truck to block two shooting suspects being chased by police. But the real shock came when the sexist anchors realized the drivers were women.


The chase started in Southwest Houston with a domestic dispute and a shooting with police following suspects in a black Pontiac Grand Prix with tinted windows on large chrome wheels. This pursuit continued on the large tollway that rings Houston with local news crews wondering who the driver might be, all the time assuming it was a guy.

When the driver of the Pontiac attempted to rejoin the freeway after exiting, the path was blocked by a red truck. Was it an off-duty police officer? Nope, it was 19-year-old Hugo Vargas who said he was scared "I was kinda of scared because he probably would shoot 'cause he had dark-tinted windows."


A fair assumption, and more proof that Houstonians are bad at avoiding trouble.

Once stopped the local police and state troopers jump out, guns and shotguns drawn, ready to tussle with the possibly armed man inside. And out pop these two ladies.


Take that, patronizing sexist anchors! Just because you see a chromed-out Pontiac evading arrest doesn't mean it's a guy. It could be two women!


In their defense, the driver said she didn't realize she was being chased for 16 miles.

Image Credit: KPRC

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