How not to witness a shooting

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It's a common conceit in movies that when someone starts shooting, innocent bystanders scatter. Sadly, this new video of two guys hanging in their car during a deadly police shootout in Houston shows some people don't emulate action movies the one time they probably should.

Warning: the language is NSFW depending on where you work because there's a shooting going on.

A man entered the Greyhound Bus station in downtown Houston this Saturday with a gun inside a duffel bag. When an off-duty police officer was alerted, he confronted the man. A scuffle ensued and the man shot the cop.


Police surrounded the bus station and three more firefights broke out, including one that wounded another officer. Eventually, the suspect died of what's being called a self-inflicted gun shot wound.

A sad story, but the police officers were released from the hospital with only minor injuries and it could have been worse. These guys could have been shot.


Most of you are probably sane, normal people capable of reacting normally to a situation like this. But just in case here's a lot of things they did wrong:

  • Don't drive towards police officers with guns drawn
  • Don't think that by crouching down you're safe
  • Don't tell your friend to "chill"
  • Don't listen to Pearl Jam when you might die
  • When the police get in their cars, it's probably time to go
  • Once you decide to move away don't stop again
  • When the cops are hiding, you should be hiding
  • Don't videotape yourself doing any of this

And there ends today's obvious lesson.