Americans Stuck In Snow Need More Power And Grip

This is an Audi S4 with around 500 horsepower proving that all-wheel drive and lots of power can in fact solve problems.

America is frozen. Winter finally came and hit it hard. Fair enough. What you need in a situation like that is some canned food, booze, a scarf and 500 horsepower linked to an Audi Quattro, as Chris O now demonstrates:

Last night we enjoyed a great winter storm, well over 12" (30 cm) at my house. I wanted to see if my lowered Audi S4 on Dunlop Wintersport 4D snow tires was up to the task going through such deep snow.

A guest appearance is made by my 6 hp Subaru powered Ariens Snowblower (mostly unstoppable).

There you have it. Tuned Audis are great snow plows in case you need more canned food or booze. You better have one by next winter.


Hat tip to Chris O!

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It's a B5 S4.

Just give it a couple minutes and something will break.