Expect Austin's Formula One Grand Prix To Be Very, Very Wet

Formula One fans, I have some good news and some bad news. Bad news: if you’re coming to Austin for the United States Grand Prix, you better pack a poncho and take your best muddin’ vehicle to the track. Good news: rain is delicious chaos, and we may finally see wet F1 racing on Circuit of the Americas.
»10/21/15 6:05pm10/21/15 6:05pm

Moscow TV Forecasts Great Weather For Bombing Syria

Rossiya-24, a Russian state television station, reports the news and weather like any other TV station. But unlike most other demented news and weather shows, weatherperson Yekaterina Grigorova has added the forecast for bombing conditions over Syria to her weather report. Sunny with a chance of cluster bombs over… »10/06/15 3:58pm10/06/15 3:58pm

The Haunting Weather Statement That Saved Lives During Hurricane Katrina

Most of us don’t think much of the weather statements that meteorologists from the National Weather Service make every single day. Until there’s a natural disaster, of course. But a forecast issued as Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf states ten years ago today made history for its eloquence—and changed the way… »8/29/15 2:55pm8/29/15 2:55pm

Here's Video Proof That Your Plane Won't Explode If It Gets Hit By Lightning

You’ve probably already read somewhere that no, nothing will happen to your plane if it gets struck by lightning. Planes get hit all the time, and nothing happens. Supposedly. But it never hurts to have video evidence of that fact. Here’s a look at the wrath of the heavens unleashing itself on a Delta flight. »8/20/15 10:53am8/20/15 10:53am

A Typhoon Lifted This Parked 747 Off The Ground

Typhoon Soudelor tore through Taiwan and coastal China over the weekend, reportedly killing more than 20 people. While winds gusted up to 180 miles per hour over the ocean, the angry air eased to tropical storm status once it made landfall. Even so, that was enough to make this 747 parked at Taipei test its tethers.
»8/10/15 3:21pm8/10/15 3:21pm

Here's What Happens When Lightning Strikes A Charging Tesla

Tesla’s been pretty adamant for a while now that lightning is no unusual hazard to its all-electric Model S, any more so than lightning is a hazard to any regular car. But what looks to be a freak occurrence just captured on video shows that a bolt from the sky can, indeed, at least screw up your Tesla Model S. »6/01/15 2:20pm6/01/15 2:20pm

Watch This Tornado Nearly Hit The Most Sedate Driver In The World

It takes a certain kind of supreme inner peace to see a massive wedge tornado head straight towards your face, have no real escape, and only be able to mutter, “It’s coming right over the top of me. I don’t really know what to do, except, I guess, sit here.” Either supreme inner peace, or, you know, quaaludes.
»4/14/15 1:21pm4/14/15 1:21pm

The Average Commute In Boston Now Includes Your Casual Flipped Car

The buried locale formerly known as the "city of Boston" has seen a record 80,000,000 feet of snow this winter, and with it, life has seen changes. Not all at once, and some of them have been very gradual. But the biggest change may be the source of all that commuter traffic. Namely, the vehicles lying on their sides. »2/18/15 1:57pm2/18/15 1:57pm

Here's What To Do If Your Holiday Flight Is Canceled Or Delayed

It's Thanksgiving week — one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. And like many other years, there's a massive storm on the doorstep of the nation's northeast major hub airports that could send everyone's plans right to hell. But to help you be prepared, here are some of your options to get back on track. »11/25/14 12:33pm11/25/14 12:33pm