Let's face it: working for the entirety of the daylight hours and commuting only in darkness sucks. Daylight Savings Time can bite me. But here's a bright spot: it looks like the American Le Mans Series 2008 season is going to rule like the Wyld Stallyns. Click to find out why. (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images.)

A member of Great Britain's House of Lords, Lord Drayson, Paul to his friends, is leaving his post as Defence Procurement Minister to race in the ALMS. Lord Drayson, a pharmaceuticals millionaire, raced an Aston Martin DBRS9 in the British GT championship in 2006, and ran an E85 ethanol-powered Aston in the Championship in 2007. Last week, he announced he was giving up politics to become a gentleman racer.

GT2 just got even more interesting. Corsa Motorsports and Hankook tires recently agreed to field a single F430 LMGT in the 2008 American Le Mans Series. Corsa, probably encouraged by the success of the Risi and Peterson White Lightning Ferrari teams, will field the car for the first time this March at Sebring.

Another item of interest quoted in the release is a Road and Track study wherein 88 percent of respondents felt auto manufacturers that participate in the American Le Mans Series produce vehicles and products with engineering that is superior to that of non-participating auto manufacturers, which may explain the tire manufacturer's involvement.


Another new entrant to the GT2 field will be the Rick Riley and "Sweet" Lou Gigliotti's Corvette team,. The GT2 cars will be based on the standard C6 instead of the GT1-class Z06.

GT1 will get (is "re-interesting" an acceptable word, Postfather?) Kevin Doran and Robertson Racing announced plans to field a freaking Ford GT in the class, and Primetime Racing is looking to enter a squadron of Dodge Vipers. Let's hope the C6.Rs keep the "Jake" paint jobs they displayed at Laguna Seca.** Jake, incidentally, is what the 'Vette team named their skull logo. Are they possibly taking a cue from Jalop's "Bruce" and "Dave"? Inquiring minds want to know.