Racing Drayson Quits Government for LeMans

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When our politicians resign it's usually for something boring like taking bribes or instant-messaging little boys. Imagine if one of our politicians quit to pursue his/her dream of racing in the 24 Hours of LeMans. That's what's happening in Britain, where Lord Drayson is leaving his post as defense procurement minister to train for the endurance race. The guy is apparently a total car nut and was waiting for clearance (he's got sight troubles) to jump ship and try his hand at racing cars.


In an interview he said "It's about the physical and mental experience. When you're in the car you can't think about anything else, you have to just be in the moment... then it's just the physical experience of the sound, the forces on your body, everything fast around you." Amen, brother. Amen. [Telegraph]

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Always good to see a fellow gearhead in the news for something other than using a light pole to stop his Supra. Best of luck brother.

And just in case you don't make it on a team (although, being royalty I'm sure you have enough money to start your own friggin car company, much less field a coupla privateer R10s) I've got a 24 Hours of Lemons team and an old chevy nova with your name (and maybe four or five other names) on it. Just something to think about over your tea and crumpets today.

Aaaaaanyhoo, I'm sure you're busy tyeing up loose ends at the office and whatnot, but gimme a call if you're interested.