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Amazing Ford Fiesta Driver Wins At The Nürburgring And Life

People crash their cars on the Nürburgring all the time. But not you, Ford Fiesta ST driver. You're awesome and you excel at not giving a fuck.


From our friends at Road & Track comes this video of one of the better 'Ring saves I've seen in a while. That Fiesta ST driver, through either skill or luck (probably both) manages not to hit the wall or his fellow drivers after running off the road twice.


And at the end, he slides right back in line behind that E36 as if nothing ever happened. Incredible.

You go, Fiesta ST guy. The universe is yours to conquer.

Update: As some of you pointed out, the bumper and registration seems to indicate this is a regular old Fiesta, not an ST. I think it's hard to tell from the video, but if that's true, then this video is even more impressive.

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A lot of people seem to crash on that exact corner.