There's a reason they stopped running Formula One races at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, and it's because that circuit is dangerous as hell. The drivers brave enough to do amateur track days there find this out the hard way all the time.

The latest example is this Volkswagen GTI (or maybe it's an R32? I don't think so, though) that crashed hard in the Foxhole, according to our pals at 'Ring authority Bridge to Gantry. Their takeaway from this: don't lift.


The good news is that the driver was apparently okay, walking around after the crash happened. If he's reading this, I'll tell him he's alright in my book. It takes balls to drive on the 'Ring, no matter what car you're in, and I hope he's able to get back in the saddle someday.

Hat tip to FlatOut!

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