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Screw Sirius and screw XM cause iPod's gone and killed the satellite star. Instead, the new hotness in radio accoutrements will be iPod integration. Apple released word today it's teamed up with FoMoCo, the General and Ford's division of Zoom-Zoom, Mazda, to deliver "seamless iPod integration" across the majority of their respective car brands and models. Sounds like a plan to us. We were early adopters of the fruity handheld music player, so this is something we've been looking forward to something like this for a while now. Paging Dr. Z — when's the German-American hybrid of DaimlerChrysler...

...jumping on this here bandwagon? Oh wait...they've got MyGig...and...yeah. What about Toyota and Honda? No clue.


As for availability — it'll vary. GM will offer iPod connections on all 56 of its models, the General said it would offer the "personal audio link" at dealerships for less than $160 plus installation as early as October for the Chevy HHR, and the other 56 models when they get around to it. FoMoCo's system'll be called "TripTunes Advanced" and as is befitting its "Way Forward" plan, provided little detail on price or timeframes other than to say the system will be added early next year to certain unnamed '07 models.

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