Man Survives 40-Foot Drive Off Cliff, Chevy Cavalier Does Not

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A California man survived a 40-foot drive off a cliff and into a cove with just minor injuries. His Chevrolet Cavalier, on the other hand, did not. I can't imagine he's too sad about that.


After all, can you really blame a man for driving a Cavalier off a cliff? ABC News reports that the unnamed driver sped off the cliff around 5:45 a.m. Monday morning. Luckily for him, the car landed on its trunk.

After multiple 911 calls, paramedics were dispatched, and they encountered some unexpected behavior.

“He was combative, he wanted to fight with our crews, he wanted to be left alone,” said Luque. “He was not cooperating.”

He calmed after the medics restrained him, and they were able to transport him to the hospital.


Listen, pal, I'd be really upset all the time if I owned a Cavalier too, but that's no reason to fight with paramedics who are just doing their jobs and trying to help you.

Perhaps he calmed down after they explained that the car was, in fact, destroyed, freeing him from the living hell his life had no doubt become since he purchased the Cavalier.

Now he can go shopping for something better, like a Dodge Caliber, maybe.

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All the Cavalier hate is really unnecessary. The sheer amount of them still on the roads shows how durable they are. It is clear they can suffer a lot of abuse and still soldier on.