All I Want For My Birthday Is This Championship-Winning Cadillac Prototype

I’m in moving this week, which means I must physically wrestle all the junk that I have no idea why I kept. I don’t need more stuff. I need to rid myself of stuff. But I will make an exception if you buy me this championship-winning Cadillac DPi-V.R for my birthday. I don’t have one of those, and it’s for sale!

Wayne Taylor Racing utterly dominated last year’s IMSA WeatherTech Sports Car Championship, winning all 36 Hours of Florida overall to start the season with their no. 10 prototype. They ended the season with five wins. NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon even drove the car at the Rolex 24 last year as his last hurrah after retiring from racing on a regular basis.


This year, they haven’t been as dominant, which makes this for sale listing all the more interesting. Are they switching to another car, or just getting a fresh chassis soon?

The price isn’t listed, so if you have to ask, you should definitely buy it for me. I suspect it’s not cheap based on their description of the car as an “instant classic,” which sounds a lot like the used race car version of Craigslist’s “no lowballers - I know what I have.”

Either way, I want to rain shame down upon various track day groups throughout central Texas. If you’re stumped on a birthday present for me, I’ll make room for this car. I mean, these are surprisingly small cars. It’ll fit in my carport, no problem.

[H/T Cory!]

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Drakkon- Most Glorious and Upright Person of Genius

OK, old man rant time.

Why the need to mention the ‘famous’ driver that really had little to do the pedigree of the car? Sports car always seems to submit its status to ‘upper tier’ series like NASCAR or F1. Now granted in this particular case, it was Gordan’s last drive so I give Stef a pass. That is news.


I remember watching a Le Mans back in the GT1 days and Steve Matchett was falling all over himself to talk about how “Jan Magnussen had Formula 1 experience.” Who the eff cares? If he was such an F1 titan, he would still be driving F1. Right?

Or this car was driving for four forty five minute stints by a NASCAR driver and then raced another 65 hours by actual pro sports car drivers to the championship. The NASCAR guy or the F1 temp driver always gets a mention no matter how fleeting the relationship when the pros who do the season long winning are just worker bees. I would consider Jan a titan. But not in F1. I would consider Jordan and Ricky both titans of sports car, too. As young as they are with as much success as they have had, their careers will be legendary. But if Jordan did a day of NASCAR, would they do a three minute segment of winning Le Mans in the Corvette? I don’t think so.

Again, I’m not blaming Stef directly, but I hear this same broken record over and over and over again. In Drak’s world, NASCAR really doesn’t exist. F1 is a casual ‘see you on the holidays’ relationship. I get that I’m a sports car nut. But to me, other than fan base and viewer numbers, sports car is more relevant and exciting than either. It shouldn’t be second chair to anybody and drivers should be treated like the pros they are.