We’re showing Ronin as part of our Film Festival in Los Angeles this week (tickets still on sale here) and before we screen it we’re going to have a panel with automotive bon vivant Alex Roy, drifter Tony Angelo, stunt driver Sera Trimble, and hollywood carfinder Josh Hancock to talk about the film. It should be fun.


As part of our festival lineup we’re going to show Ronin around lunchtime on Saturday, September 26th at the Ace Hotel’s beautiful cinema in Los Angeles. It’s a classic film we all love and we thought we’d have a panel talking about how it reached that status among enthusiasts.

On the panel we’ll have Alex Roy who, in addition to being a Jalopnik columnist is an expert on driving very fast in traffic and a huge film buff. Joining him will be professional drifter and Hot Rod Garage hoon Tony Angelo, who is an avowed fan of the film.

How do they get those cars to fly through the air? We’ll be asking Jalopnik superfriend and professional stunt driver Sera Trimble. What about the car casting? Let Josh Hancock, responsible for the cars on films as diverse as Casino and Austin Powers, will be there to explain how that works.


Finally, our own Patrick George will be moderating the panel. Get your tickets here, just $25 for a general admission and $75 for a VIP, which gets you food and drink for both days of the festival.

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