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Airline Pilot Shows Exactly What Goes on Behind the Cockpit Door

And you thought being an airline passenger was a hectic experience.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Screenshot: Instagram/almostcaptainmorgran

Flying is a pain for everyone lately, from Transportation Security Agency officers to flight attendants to air traffic controllers to passengers. But what about the pilots? One pilot has made a name for herself on social media by showing her followers the behind-the-scenes scramble that goes into getting you airborne and to your destination safely.

I figured for Labor Day, I’d showcase the labor of one critical piece of our transportation puzzle. When pilots aren’t fending off unsolicited nudes from passengers, they’re eating on the go, running through meticulous safety checklists and doing a million other little (and big) things all at once to keep their planes in the air. AlmostCaptainMorgan (her first name is Morgan) is a First Officer flying for Southwest Airlines, and she gives us a fun and interesting look behind the cockpit door.


I could watch her charming and straightforward delivery all day. Her she is explaining turbulence:


And showing us the best spots at the nation’s busiest airports:

She even partnered with the Federal Aviation Administration to explain Labor Day flight delays. The explanation won’t get you to your vacation destination any faster, but it’s a fascinating video all the same.


Story time: In middle school I was the only girl who showed up to see a pilot speak on Career Day. Before the pilot got there, the boys were all teasing me and rolling their eyes at the thought of me taking a up a spot one of their fellow dudes could have snagged. Then, in walks the pilot, a woman. It was like she was speaking to me specifically for the entire hour. Morgan addresses the lack of women in aviation on her YouTube channel:

I’m a unicorn.

I didn’t become a pilot (obviously) — even in eighth grade, I knew my brain was different (where’s my formerly-gifted, undiagnosed-until-adulthood ADHD friends at?!). But I do love educating folks about transportation in a fun and engaging way. Seeing a woman kicking ass while doing both of my dream jobs just leaves me with a warm fuzzy feeling inside.