Aggrieved Tesla Owners Can Just Tow Trucks Blocking The Supercharger Stations

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Tesla drivers calls it “ICE-ing”, after the initials for internal combustion engine: It’s where gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles block access to Superchargers as a way to... protest electric vehicles I guess? It has to be frustrating to be barred from obtaining the single thing your car needs to function, but it looks like Tesla owners are looking at new ways to fight back.

Tesla Trip on Youtube is one of those folks who’s pretty annoyed at the fact that people are anti-Tesla enough that big ol’ bro-trucks went viral for taking up all the parking stations at a Sheetz in Hickory, North Carolina.


So he figured, let’s see how easy it is to tow one of these bad boys out of the way.

Teslas are known for being capable of towing just about everything, including pulling semis up snowy hills. It definitely makes sense that something as simple as a truck would be easy cargo. But it’s still an amusing video nonetheless.

Yes, the video is staged by Tesla Trip’s Patrick Lawson and his sister—but that doesn’t mean they made it easy on themselves. They went out to an empty Supercharger station in Loveland, Colorado and engaged the truck’s emergency brakes as a way to simulate what it would be like if someone had parked their truck in anger and refused to move.

In the video, it looks pretty dang simple. The 5,104 lb Chevy Silverado doesn’t stand a chance. The message is clear: Don’t mess with Tesla.