Afroduck Leaks Video Of 'NYPD Officer' Doing 'Fastest Lap Of Manhattan'

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Afroduck, the man the NYPD arrested and the city is trying to put behind bars for setting the fastest lap of Manhattan last year, released a video today he claims is an undercover cop recreating the drive, attempting to test his time.


Here is the video in full with his description:

This is a drive by an undercover NYPD police officer starting from 116th Street on ramp to FDR south bound towards battery park tunnel. Then up the west side to the highway towards the GW Bridge, back towards FDR 116th street finish.


As you can see, the driver sticks to about 40-50mph, rarely passes other cars, stops for red lights, and gets stuck in traffic.

The final time (and we should view this with some skepticism as this video was edited and uploaded by Afroduck himself) is just over 47 minutes. Afroduck's time was 24:07, at an average speed of 66mph.

I myself tested this time last year, sticking to all speed limits, and finished the 116th street-to-116th street course, winding around Manhattan on the East and West Side Drives, in just over 41 minutes.


A spokesperson for the NYPD couldn't confirm whether or not the video was in fact shot by the NYPD, but pointed out the driver appears to have broken no laws and that it does look like the inside of a police car.

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I find it somewhat suspect that this Mr. "Duck" has access to video of this nature. It does also lend credence to the notion that he had to have broken traffic law(s) in order to make his time, as the legal time is certainly longer by twenty-plus minutes.

On another note this is either a marked or unmarked vehicle [CVPI]; an undercover vehicle would not be equipped with a siren or emergency lighting.