The Taiwanese National Anthem wasn't the only new penalty for the 24 Hours Of LeMons South Spring; though the TNA turned out to be quite spectacular in practice, it isn't most diabolical new penalty.

Welcome to German Electrical System Hell! The Bobby Bosch Relay Race is pretty simple, and it really separates the real BMW, Porsche, VW, and Audi mechanics from the pretenders: you take ten standard Bosch SPDT relays (pocketed at the junkyard, of course) and intentionally garboon one of them. When you've found it, the car can rejoin the race. Maybe the coil is bad, maybe the normally-open contacts are bad, or maybe I've been a total bastard and permanently jumped the normally-closed contacts. Whatever, because Bobby prints the schematic right on the relay cover, so picking out one bad one in a bucket of ten should take about five minutes, max. Sadly, some teams don't understand Relay Testing 101, and so it takes them a bit longer than that... and you'd think an E30 team would be really, really skilled at this, eh?