Ad Watch: The VW Passat — Leading Cause Of Non-Hybrid Smug

Jalopnik's totally all about the edgy, funny and intelligent stuff — whether it's VDub's GTI MKV Fast ads, or the Safe Happens Passat Jetta commercials. Crispin Porter + Bogusky looks like it may have hit another VDub out of the park with their newest Passat ad dubbed "Low Ego Emissions." We dunno if they're trying to get all up in the whole South Park "smug" thing or what, but the ad is pretty damn good. Interestingly enough, there's already been a change to the creative — apparently it was just a smidge too edgy. We've got the original ad below the jump along with some links to the blog-o-riffic discussion about the changes.


The advertising-centric site This Blog Sits At The has an interesting two-post discussion going on about the changes made to the ad. The first one gives some pretty good analysis on the ad itself — the second post is all about the "controversy" surrounding the ad. But really, how can "because mine is only about yay-big" be objectionable? Everyone knows he's talking about his wallet cause he just dropped so much money on the car and and the premium fuel. We knew Germany had a history of fascism, but this is ridiculous!

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Whoa, just saw some new Safe Happens ads for Passat. Crazy.