Ad Watch: Holy Safe! Sh*t Happens.

VW's hit a couple of home-runs with the "Fast" and "Pimp Mein Auto" ads. Both seemingly went over pretty well with auto folks and the general public...a feat in and of itself. Additionally, VW's seen huge sales numbers over the past few months since the two ad campaigns started. It appears VDub was hopin' for a little bit more of that Crispin Porter and Bogusky magic. They've dropped some more money into the CP+B hopper to market the Jetta to the family-to-be crowd. And as we pointed out in todays Morning Shift, the resulting ads have dumped the "Drivers Wanted" tagline in favor of the hoping-to-be-funny and still-telling-an-important-safety-message tagline of "Safe Happens." Was the fast-ly becoming a powerhouse CP+B successful? You decide.

The w-holy jarring ad, "Movie" is here, and the second just-as-jarring ad named "Like" is after the jump.


Volkswagen Chooses Crispin Porter as Ad Agency of Record, Ray Enjoys Stroking His Fast In Detroit [internal]

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