The safest accident may be the one that doesn't happen — but all the tech in the world ain't going to stop someone else from hitting you. I think that's why you'll notice Lexus doesn't actually say in this ad, called "hydrant," that their "14 actively safe features" on the new 2008 RX will keep you out of an accident — but they certainly do a nice job of insinuating it. While they're at it, could they also have it brew me a mocha and maybe bake me some cookies — because while I'm sure "water-repellent front-door glass" is going to make it easier for me to see — it's probably going to do just as much to stop that semi with shoddy brakes barreling around the corner towards me from behind. But we kid Lexus and ad agency Team One out of El Segundo. They've actually done a pretty good job with building up a portfolio of ads that aren't "December to Remember," to the point that some of them are potentially even memorable. This movie set of an ad however, isn't going to be one of them we feel.


Lexus RX to Get More Power, New Number [internal]

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