Ad Watch Exclusive: That's An Opel?

We've been asking that question since the New York Auto Show, when we got our first look at the Opelization of the Saturn brand. Take, for example, the PreVue (hint, hint) concept based on the Opel Antara, Sky Redline based on the Opel GT and new Aura sedan based on the Opel/Vauxhall Vectra. It would appear Saturn's San Francisco treat of an agency, Goodby, Silverstein and Partners, heard some other folks asking the same question. Whoever they heard, the commercial's the latest part of Saturn's "Like always. Like never before." advertising campaign — a blitz, er, one commerical seeking to reimagine the brand as something that doesn't evoke a vegan burrito. Making and selling the vehicles noted above is one way to start that process.

Dude, What If S-A-T-U-R-N Really Spelled O-P-E-L? [internal]

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Al Navarro

I don't hate this spot. It's nice to see some GM marketing that doesn't suck.

I also do not hate the Hummer spots of the past. I hate the vehicles, but the marketing is pretty darn sweet (out of Modernista, I think).

While we're on GM, what's with the new Cadillac print ads that I saw for the first time in the Suri Cruise issue of VF? I don't know if I buy that new positioning line (I don't know if it's a headline or a tagline) that I won't bother repeating here for fear the marketing folks will say "Hey, look, it worked. Someone mentioned it on Jalopnik."

When I was a junior copywriter, "borrowed interest" was always seen as a weak attempt at creativity. Here it's the central theme. Additionally, is it just me or do they look a lot like Jaguar and/or Godiva ads?