Dude, What If S-A-T-U-R-N Really Spelled O-P-E-L?

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Well Ogre, it seems like every auto journalist sittin' here in the media holding pen is askin' that question. The conversation seems to go something like this:

Auto Journalist #1: "So, whaddaya think of the new Saturns?"
Auto Journalist #2: "They're really hot, but of course, it's an Opel..."
Auto Journalist #1: "Yeah...I know, it's totally an Opel...so of course it's hot."
Auto Journalist #2: "Yeah, they're totally ditching the whole 'Saturn look' and going with Opel designs. That's so cheating."

Ok, so what does this mean? Well friend, It means mainstream auto writers, a group more prima-donna than the editor of an automotive blog [Thanks Ray...we'll talk later — ed.], is totally telling the Saturn story from an inside-baseball perspective...

...It's obvious many are missing the big picture on it and you see it in the stories written. They are missing reality...these new cars are hot. They're pretty damn hot. Yes, the media is correct. The General is totally plopping the successful and attractive Euro Opel line directly into the Saturn line...replacing the crap that was with the new hotness that is. But so-the-fuck what? What does a consumer care about when they buy a car...the story of Opel design trumping Saturn...or the fact the Sky, Aura and Outlook are pretty smooth looking rides? I guess we'll find out.


By the way...anyone seen Buick?

Saturn Sky: GM Makes Good on Threats of Hotness [internal]

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I grew up with Opels and have always considered them to be a very good German car. In the early 90's I owned a Kadett/Astra and it was a fantastic car, easily did 100mph+ on a regular daily basis - I drove 60 miles to work. Having come to the USA I have always considered the Saturns to be an aborted Opel, I could not understand how the US designers could take such a beautiful car and botch it up so completely. With the new gen Saturns/Opels I am so pleased to see the Opel design shining through - just keep the Opel badge and I'll be even happier. The New Aura or Ion may just be on my shopping list.