Ad Watch: Do Asian-Americans Like To Live On The Edge, Make Bold Weddings Happen Every Day?

Yeah, we tried to mush in some more FoMoCo ad tag-lines into that headline, but we ran out of room. Regardless, we were actually kind of disappointed we hadn't yet seen this ad, called "Wedding Day," on the air as it's been running since the end of December. But since I guess we're not part of the "Asian-American" demographic Ford's targeting it towards — they must be doing it right. And since none of us are in that specific circle, we turned to our resident Asian-American expert obsessed with gadgets (you know, like Asians are wont to be), Gizmodo's Jason Chen. Chen's mostly famous for that classic Asian-American activity of sticking Nintendo game systems down his pants. Our IM transcript is below the jump.


Ray Wert: Jason, thanks for IM'ing with us today

Jason Chen, AA Expert: Pleasure's all mine Ray

Ray Wert: I want you to look at the following ad from Ford Motor Company (FoMoCo), and tell me how it makes you feel. Specifically, tell me if it gives you any bold feelings or movements whatsoever. Also tell me if it makes you want to live life on the Edge.

Jason Chen, AA Expert: Hmmm, no bold feelings, but I did get a little movement in the old pantaloons. The girl was cute but the guy looked dorky

Jason Chen, AA Expert: Unfortunately it didn't make me want to life on The Edge

Jason Chen, AA Expert: In fact it just reminded me of how my own girlfriend's been dropping hints about getting married

Ray Wert: I'm assuming the pantaloon movement may be due to a Wii, but I'll ignore that. Is the reminder of "getting married" a positive thing?

Jason Chen, AA Expert: Not very

Jason Chen, AA Expert: Maybe it's supposed to appeal to women more

Ray Wert: Hmm, ok — well, would you feel more like living life on the Edge if Ahn Jae Wook were featured directly in an ad?

Jason Chen, AA Expert: Googling, I don't think so. They probably should have gotten an asian american actor

Jason Chen, AA Expert: Maybe Daniel Dae Kim from Lost or like John Cho from Harold and Kumar. You know, someone people have seen before.

Jason Chen, AA Expert: Plus Daniel Dae Kim's a dreamboat

Ray Wert: Wait a minute, you don't know who Ahn Jae Wook is?

Jason Chen, AA Expert: I'd buy a large sized car from him no matter what island he was on.

Ray Wert: Jason, focus here. I mean, he's Asian-American (or maybe just Asian) and you're Asian-American. You guys should know each other, right?

Jason Chen, AA Expert: I've been a little busy with blogging so I've missed the last few of our Asian American club meetings

Jason Chen, AA Expert: I knew it'd come to bite me in the ass

Ray Wert: Yeah, I mean all you Asian-American people — you're all the same, right?

Jason Chen, AA Expert: Oh yeah, totally

Jason Chen, AA Expert: In fact, that was me in the ad. I didn't want to say anything

Ray Wert: Dude, you got married? Mazel Tov!

Jason Chen, AA Expert: Only in the ad! I'm still avoiding the subject in real life

Jason Chen, AA Expert: Though maybe I wouldn't if mine looked like the one in the ad

Jason Chen, AA Expert: Don't show this to ANYONE

Ray Wert: Oh don't worry — it's not like we're Gizmodo, nobody'll actually see this.

Ray Wert: So, to sum it up — what do we think of FoMoCo's attempts at targeting the Asian-American community?

Jason Chen, AA Expert: I'd say, B for effort, C+ for execution, A- for hiring me and a cute broad. Overall, they should try a little harder to make me feel like it's our country too. Also, I kind of think that specifically-targeted ads to certain minority or ethnic groups are fine — as long as they don't do things like issue press releases on it.

Ray Wert: Why's that?

Jason Chen, AA Expert: I kind of think it ruins the authenticity of it in my mind. We're Asian, so already we're waaay smarter than you — we already know it's targeted towards us.

Ray Wert: Well, thank you for your time Jason. I'm sure the Asian-American people were glad to have you acting as their homogenous representative today.

Jason Chen, AA Expert: Not a problem. They always are. And if they have a problem with it they can take it up at the next meeting.

Ray Wert: Excellent, thanks again! [Ford]

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Al Navarro

Okay, I'll throw in my 2 centavos.

Besides the bride and groom, there's nothing all that Asian-American about this spot. You could have replaced the couple with an Indian or Black couple and it would still "work" (in terms of having a sliver of a concept behind it). I guess that's something, though, in terms of showing more diversity in advertising.

Now, if you had about a dozen "sponsors" standing up at the ceremony, the guy was wearing a barong tagalog, they had too many people show up because Filipinos don't really believe in the concept of RSVPing, and there was a lechon and some pancit, buffet-style at the reception - then perhaps I'd say "Hey, Ford, you are really talking to my reality. Thanks."

While I'm at it, how many people feel like going swimming in between the ceremony and the reception? Because those people were clearly leaving a church.