Ad Watch: Bold And The Beautiful — Ford's Like, Totally All About Kelly Clarkson

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We are so totally obsessin' on the whole Bold Moves advertising campaign Ford started on American Idol — and that makes sense to us, cause American Idol is totally all about the like, big and bold moves. We mean, it's so like, ground-breaking and stuff. We can't even imagine that like, anyone could ever want to watch anything else. Especially with like, Kelly Clarkson singing and stuff for Ford — she's like totally hawt in that Mustang and she's so old school from season one! We mean, that's such a bold move for Ford to use her to like, highlight the choices people make every day about how to live their lives and stuff. And like, we know you've already seen the tv ad — that's totally obvs, right? We mean of course you were watching it last night, right? Oh you tivo-ed it? Well, guess what? Like, we've got the ad here and the print ads and stuff are below and like, the lyrics to her song from the ad are below the jump. So bitchin', right?


Breathe In, Breathe Out
Restless, Waiting for Anything
Tension Is Thick In The Air
Are You Gonna Lead Or Follow Me?
Full Speed, Turn Up The Overdrive
Makes Me Feel Glad That I'm Alive
It's Time We Finally Make Our Move
So C'mon, C'mon, C'mon Now


Let's Go
Let's Jump Right In
Screamin' To the Wind
Feel The Fire Within
I Can't Ignore This Burnin' In My Soul
C'mon Baby, Let's Go
Let's Go

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