Ad Watch: Ford's Not So Bold, Bold Commercial

There's one little problem with Ford's new minute-long commercial titled "Bold Moves." What's that you ask? Oh they don't show any cars until the last few seconds is all. The rest of the commercial shows inspiring/interesting/athletic "everyday" people. We're guessing these people are bold. Therefore the cars they drive will be bold too. Right? The Kelly Clarkson song isn't even as objectionable as the overall ad. If we made Ford commercials we'd show the snarling maw of the Shelby GT500, rev the engine a few times, say "500 horsepower is in reach." Cut to the Ford Fusion and say whatever its selling point is "an inexpensive family sedan that looks good in black." Then move to the Freestyle, "doesn't look like a minivan but acts like one" etc. Tell the truth about the products and people might understand what you're actually trying to sell them.


Kelly Clarkson's Bold Marketing Message For Ford [internal]

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