Acura ZDX: In The Living, Metallic Brown Flesh

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The Acura ZDX press drive's going on in Manhattan today. We'll have more on that later. For the moment, feast your eyes on the mega-gallery of brown metal flesh — and the nicest Acura interior ever — below the jump.

Although I didn't have a chance to drive the car — John's doing that as we speak — thanks to the nice PR folks, I did get a chance to sit inside the new big-assed Acura. The coolest feature I was able to quickly see inside is the center stack's big graphite black button-filled face plate. What's cool about that? Well, the buttons illuminate and glow upon need. So, for instance, if you're listening to the radio, the radio buttons are illuminated. HVAC on? The HVAC buttons are illuminated. All of it's pretty sweet. The leather's sumptuous-looking and rich in texture.


The back seat presents somewhat of a problem for anyone over, say, 5'10" — and the doorway (really, it's more like a hatch) — is somewhat claustrophobic with the easy-to-hurt-ones-ass door jamb readily accessible to smack your tailbone upon entry.

Still, the interior's hot — especially the dual-cockpit front seats — and the exterior? It don't look so bad up close. At least not nearly as bad as we'd initially thought upon the first look at the press shots.

More to come later.

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crankcase - always getting the shaft

Shouldn't the buttons be lit before you select them, not after?How do you find the unlit buttons in the dark? Braille?