Acura Teases Precision EV Concept, Set To Debut August 18 in Monterey

We like Acura’s concepts because they usually hew close to future production models.

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Teaser image of an electric Acura concept with blue light-up grille and badge.
It’s like Acura’s current design language got drunk at a Daft Punk concert and we’re kind of into it.
Photo: Acura

Ok, so here’s the thing: I don’t usually care about concept cars. Typically, if we see one that’s amazing and totally something that a manufacturer should actually build, it never again sees the light of day after it does its little event circuit for a few months. That’s not usually the case with Acura, though.

See, Acura’s concepts have a history of not only being reasonable (aka lacking in insane claims) but reasonably close to production models. That’s why I’m super stoked about the Acura Precision EV concept that the brand is debuting in Monterey, CA, on August 18, during Car Week.

Acura Precision EV Concept

The Precision EV teaser shows a model that shares some design language with the already super handsome TLX and Integra models, but presumably without any of those other models’ internal combustion guts. Is it likely to be groundbreaking? Nope, but it is likely to be awesome.


What, other than its looks, can we infer from this short teaser video? Not a whole lot, to be honest, but that won’t stop us from engaging in a little wild speculation.

Neither Honda nor Acura have gotten too deep into the EV thing, with the U.S. only seeing the Clarity EV, while Europe and Asia get the delightful little Honda E. What then will underpin this new EV model? Probably nothing from either of those models because both would come off as underpowered and without a sufficient cruising range for a modern luxury EV.


If Acura wants to be taken seriously with a production EV, it’d need around 300 miles of range and at least 250 horsepower, preferably more, but we’ll have to wait and see what the concept tells us.