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Acura Boasts New NSX Will Kick GT-R's Launch-Controlled Ass

Illustration for article titled Acura Boasts New NSX Will Kick GT-Rs Launch-Controlled Ass

The new Acura NSX has been in development for some time now, having been spotted testing on the Nürburgring numerous times, but nobody knew if all that screaming V10 power would be enough to outperform the Nissan GT-R. Now, Honda Executive Vice President Koichi Kondo, has stated that Mothra the new NSX, though more expensive than Godzilla, will indeed have better performance. Kondo also expects only 1000 units will be sold in the US per year. But doesn't that make it more of a competitor for higher-end machinery?
Those performance claims probably don't account for the upcoming Nissan GT-R Spec V, which may be a bit more hardcore that the NSX, but will likely be closer in price point and exclusivity than a standard GT-R. Then you've got to figure King Kong, the Corvette ZR1, into the mix too. Of course, we're not really sure exactly which aspect of performance Honda is bragging about, but if they start making claims about Nürburgring lap times, we're sure Porsche will complain argue that they're lying. Though if Honda is talking about acceleration figures, they probably don't need to worry about it, since GT-R owners apparently can't use launch control without their car losing all hope of manufacturer-paid product support. [Automotive News (sub. req.) via MotorAuthority]


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Bigger, uglier, heavier. The New NSX by Acura. Do not like.