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Basically, what we have here is a transportation site.

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Jalopnik is a news and opinion website about cars, the automotive industry, racing, transportation, airplanes, technology, motorcycles and much more. We aim to cover these things with honesty, transparency and cheerful belligerence that can’t be found anywhere else.


From vintage superbikes to modern jet fighters, we are obsessed with the cult of cars and everything that moves you.

Jalopnik is a part of G/O Media.

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Editorial and Ethics Policies

Gizmodo Media’s Editorial Code

From time to time Jalopnik’s staffers and contributors are required to review and test vehicles and other products. It is our goal to be the most honest and transparent news outlet in our field, and so for ethical reasons we fully disclose any costs associated with these stories—including travel, lodging and press loaner vehicles themselves—that were paid for by manufacturers or other companies.

Jalopnik and G/O Media do not allow editorial employees to engage in directly sponsored posts. All editorial content is directed by the editors of the site alone. A wall exists between the business side of the company and the editorial side.

In addition, employees are barred from accepting any gifts or other items above $50 in value, and are generally strongly discouraged from accepting any such items. Staff and contributors may only accept and use press vehicles or products meant for testing when there is an editorial reason to create stories about those things.


While Jalopnik covers automakers or other companies, it does not work for them, and aims for all editorial operations to be honest, independent and accountable to readers.