A Tuner Named 'Nimrod' Ruined Two Ferrari 458s And A Lamborghini

Mansory is getting soft nowadays and even the most outrageous German tuner creations seem tasteful after you've witnessed what Slovakian company Nimrod has to offer at Geneva.


I didn't look at the spec, in fact, I didn't even go nearby. A zoom lens was my friend on this one. Mansory ruining Ferraris? Ha-ha!

In case you have a 458 Italia but want an older, track-only car called the FXX, Nimrod gives you the Katyusha instead:


Still unconvinced? Listen to this!

Moscow is a city that never sleeps. You can have everything you want. Luxury, individuality, power, sportiness, elegance – or all of them? You choose. But let us introduce you to Katyusha, the Russian woman with a highly sophisticated Italian charm but with
the Russian power that can destroy you immediately. Can you handle that?
Meet Katyusha and be enchanted by her beauty. She will take you to her favourite places that you will never forget……ever. And you
will fall in love with her……forever.
Let you fall in love!


If that's not your style but you still want a Ferrari, how about the Monaco and LaFerrari-inspired Zero?


Here's what some real people had to say about it:

Monaco, the city where dreams come true. It is known to host the creme de la creme for decades, constantly evolving gala events. Everywhere you look you see Ferraris and Lamborghinis. This is the place where elegance and motorsport meet. We created a handcrafted supercar that gives you performance and refinement in perfect balance. We used precious materials in the interior and eye-catching forms on the exterior. Our car is inspired by this magnificent city.
In Monaco it is difficult to stand out from the crowd.
But with the Nimrod Zero you could make a difference.


I can feel that difference already.

Still, the real shining star of the show was Nimrod's latest development, the mighty Avanti Rosso. All you need is an Aventador to make it happen.


It's the Sesto Elento in you!

In Tuscany, life is easy and quiet. Then again, it is full of curves that give you the maximum of driving pleasure between the peaceful olive and wine yards. Right there, Avanti Rosso feels at home. Just ignite the engine and enjoy driving. The Aventador is a very aggressive looking car, no doubt. But take a closer look at our interpretation. Tell people to look at the front – on street – they will only see the back. Tuscany is the home of art as well. We strive to express the Avanti Rosso's extreme sportiness with the perfect proportions and details. Our car has the most precious racing pedigree that gives you the thrilling energy to rule the streets. Drive! If you dare…


Closer look? No.

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