Watch Fast Five’s Stunt Coordinator Break Down Its Breathtaking Vault Chase

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As you all already know, I am a Fast and Furious stan. I love everything about those stupid movies, but there is not one scene I love more than the vault-dragging scene from Fast Five. It’s a classic, breathless action sequence and finally I get to see it broken down bit-by-bit by its stunt coordinator.


If you haven’t seen Fast Five (and boy, are you missing out) the film’s climactic scene involves Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Conner dragging a stolen vault filled with $100 million through the streets of Rio using two matte black Dodge Chargers. There’s plenty of crashing and smashing and it’s effin’ great.

Earlier this week, Vanity Fair published an interview with Jack Gill, the stunt coordinator who worked on the vault scene from the film. Right away, he answered one of the burning questions I had when I first saw the scene: they actually dragged a 9,000-pound vault around. It was real.

And that bank building the vault smashed through? It was a specially built structure designed to be destroyed. The crew laid a huge track through the floor of the building and loaded the vault onto an enormous ram that sent it tumbling through.

Those are just two gems from the interview, which spans about 20 minutes. You should watch the whole thing, and then watch the finished product again. Behind-the-scenes stuff like this is awesome.

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