A Sleeper Car, In The New York City Subway

If you've taken the subway in any big city after a night out, you've probably had to fight the urge to drift off. Sadly for you, subways are not the best bedrooms. However, the thoughtful folks at Improv Everywhere are trying to make late-night travel more of a sweet dream.

The merry New York City pranksters — the folks behind the annual No Pants Subway Ride — used the Astoria-to-Coney Island (via Manhattan) N line as the stage for their latest bit of theater, setting up three cots and offering pajamas, sleeping masks and earplugs to weary late-night riders. As they note: Sleeping on the seats is against the law, but no one said anything about sleeping off the seats.


Honestly, given the delays some riders face waiting for a train, the cots might make more sense in the stations instead.

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