Pantsless Subway Riders Fail To Shock New Yorkers

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On January 8, New York street-theater pros Improv Everywhere held their 11th No Pants Subway Ride, an event celebrating the simple, if difficult to articulate, joy of riding the subway without pants.


Organizers claimed 4,000 participants in 59 cities around the world, an impressive change from what originally started as a short-film prank involving seven pantsless guys and a wandering clothes salesman.

Turnout in NYC was probably enhanced by the unusually warm weather as well as the fact that this is rapidly becoming yet another annual tradition for the city. What may have been audacious in 2002 is cheerfully normal now, verging on being a family activity.

Video shows that, rather than "creating a scene" as the group advertises, the response was limited to the occasional glance, chuckle, and creepy dude staring.


So, pretty much a normal day on the subway. Who can afford pants, anyways?

Photo Credit: eych-you-bee-ee-ahr-tee

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It's not you, it's me

Did they make a stop at the Marcy Projects, or are they the "I never leave Manhattan, and then never north of 125th St." New Yorkers?