A Pantload Of Jeans-Themed Cars On The Anniversary Of Levi's Patent

Today in 1873 Levi Strauss patented copper-riveted canvas pants. Eventually switching to blue denim, those tough pants became the jeans we all wear all the damn time. Jeans have also been oddly influential for cars, with several cars sporting jeans-based themes, even to this day.


I did say "pantload" in the title, but I'm really going to only mention a few here, though I'd argue even one of something not attached to your body inside your pants qualifies as a "pantload" of something. Oh, and I'd also like to clarify that Levi Strauss the jeans-maker is not related in any way to Levi-Strauss the anthropologist, a clarification that would have saved me a lot of embarrassment in ANTHRO 101.

The most well known jeans-themed car is probably the AMC Gremlin Levi's edition, and the only one I'm aware of to actually sport the Levi brand and name. Like all the jeans-themed cars, this Gremlin sported blue denim seats and interior fittings, as well as some stickering to let everyone know that you have an incredible meta-recursive situation going on in your car, as your jeans-covered ass meets jeans-covered seat, in an ouroboros of never ending blue denim.

There's four jeans-edition cars I can think of, two vintage, and two modern: the Gremlin Levi's editon, the Jeans Beetle, the Fiat 500 by Diesel (clothing company, not oil-burner, though, confusingly, there is a diesel option), and the Mitsubishi i Kurashiki edition. All of these cars have a few things in common: they're entry-level cars with a somewhat "fun" repulation, they all have denim interior upholstery, and they all are limited-edition, be-stickered models.


There's a certain casual independence suggested by the wearing of jeans, and I think that's what the goal of these cars is. It's interesting that it keeps coming up again and again, and I suspect that we'll have goofy jeans-editions as long as we have both.


The Jeans Beetle was, interestingly, a Europe-only model, and is the only one to include the added perk of optional hubcaps that resemble jean rivets. Plus, VW made these Jeans Beetles for years and years and years. The Mitsubishi one is even more specialized, only being sold in the Okayama prefecture, Japan's home of indigenous jeans production. But you knew that.


An even odder offshoot of this pants-and-cars love-in is Alfa Romeo's tie-in for their high-end Mito city car. In this case, the car is influencing the jeans instead of the other way around, getting designers to produce jeans inspired by the Alfa Romeo.

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